A Wine Cooler Apt For All Wine Enthusiasts

If you are a wine enthusiast, there is no denying the fact that you will be on the lookout for an effective wine cooler that keeps your bottles at the perfect temperature. Moreover, you might be interested in a cooler that offers this feature and more at an affordable price. The Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator is what you need for an unmatched experience.

The features that stand out

The brand, Wine Enthusiast, is well-known for its products and their quality. You are bound to feel highly relieved when you realize that Wine Enthusiast produces this wine fridge!! You can absolutely sure of the quality and the durability of the product.

You can store and serve your bottles in two separate zones. What’s more, you can store both red and white wine without worrying about the perfect temperature settings for the difference between them. Since there is an option of storing the wines in two different zones, taste and quality will never be hampered.

The top zone of the refrigerator has an adjustable temperature of 54-66 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom zone has a temperature range of 46-66 degrees Fahrenheit. Both the temperature ranges are adjustable. While the top zone maintains ideal temperature conditions for both reds and whites, the bottom zone is mostly effective for white wine bottles.

This refrigerator features a digital touchscreen that displays temperature, making it easier for you to adjust from the outside.

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More wine coolers

Now that you know about one product that could be of use to you, you might want to get a list of other wine coolers available in the market. For you to make an easy choice, here is some best – Wine Coolers listing!

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Different kinds of wine coolers

You will find both single zone and double zone wine coolers in the market. How would you know which one to buy? A single zone wine cooler will have one compartment. You will have to store your red as well as white wine bottles together. An ideal 54 degrees Fahrenheit is required for the storage.

A double zone wine cooler has the advantage of two compartments in which you can store two types of wines. Both the compartments have different temperature ideal for the type of wine that is stored in it.

On any given day, a double zone cooler will be more advantageous than a single zone because of its versatility. Although a single zone cooler will provide optimum cooling to wines of all kinds, the double zone version will ensure that perfect temperature solutions are always at hand. When you are out to buy wine coolers, always look at the temperature display, dual compartments and cooling system. These three are the most important factors.