Know More About How A Radar Gun AndRadar Detector Works

Imagine you are going on a vacation with your family or girlfriend. You have planned a long drive across states, you have already driven for say four hours and you are only mid way. You are on a national highway and luckily there is no traffic, it is a clear night so there is no fog or rain or any weather factors. The speed limit of the road is marked as 60 miles per hour which you feel is a gross injustice.

Since you have to cover a lot of road still you push the gas and you go at 90 miles an hour and even more suddenly out of nowhere you hear sirens and glaring lights behind you; cops asking you to pull over. In the end they give you a speeding ticket. This is certainly not a great way to start a vacation. It is only common sense to drive as fast as you can on an empty road especially since you have to drive a lot more.

To prevent such situation there are radar detectors. To know about thesedetectors, you must understand about radar first.


Radar guns are used by cops to detect the speed of your car. But how does the radar gun worksmay be your question.

The gun has the radio transmitter and receiver.

When the cop triggers the gun, it emits radio wave and listens for any echo.

When it hits a car, it reflects some electromagnetic energy and radio wave.

Radio wave travels at the speed of light. So, the distance of the car is calculated based on the time taken for the wave to reach the gun.

But, how are they able to detect the speed in the car.

It is based on the frequency of radio waves.

When the still car is hit by the radar gun, the echo will have the same frequency (number of oscillation per unit time). When the car starts to move, the frequency of the radio wave also changes.

The speed of the car can be calculated based on how much the frequency changes.

So, the cop can easily detect it by standing in a particular place or from a moving vehicle.

You cannot cheat the device but you can reduce the car speed by knowing that cops are detecting the speed by sending radio waves.

Radar Detector:

Radar detector was developed for detecting these waves. Varieties of detectors are being introduced day by day. They are available for both high and low price. If you wish to purchase a cheap one you can buyWhistler CR90 for cheap at THIS LINK. If you wish to purchase laser detector then the Cobra xrs / is great laser radar (9370).

Before you purchase one, you should know how a radar detector works? How can it detect that cops are in the watch out for speedsters?

Detectors are simple radio receivers.

Our atmosphere is full of radio signals at different frequencies. The detector is tuned to receive radio signal of the frequency range used by the cop’s radar guns.

When the cops switch on to advanced radar guns, one must invest in purchasing an advanced detector.

So, check for the 2017 / 2016 – top radar detector and plan for the latest high quality radar detector to buy.