Razor And Its Popular Dirt-Bikes And Go-Kart

The words cool toys get a new meaning today with the variety of biking products available for kids. From the time the scooter was first used, till today, there have been different and better versions of scooters and bikes entering the market regularly. The market for this category is huge and the competition is tough.

Razor has been a well-known brand in this segment. They launched their original Razor scooter in the year 2000 and 5 million scooters were sold in 6 months. It was extremely popular. Razor has been continuously launching new products over the years and with great success.

They have different products like scooters, pro scooters, go-karts, RipStik etc. Today we look at some of the best features of two of their dirt-bikes and their go-kart.

1. Razor Dune Buggy:

This Razor buggy is sure to give your kids a thrilling time. It comes with a recommended age of 8 years and above which is perfect for older kids and teens.

It has a 24V rechargeable battery system and a variable speed high chain motor. It reaches speeds up to 9 mph and can be used for up to 40 minutes continuously.

Its acceleration and brake control are easy to operate. It is very safe to use as it comes with a safety strap and it can be easily used over rough terrain. You can easily use this Razor buggy for riding on sand dunes too!

2. Razor MX350:

This Razor – dirt BIKE MX350 is a great bike for young riders to get a feel of the real racing action with complete safety. Unlike other models of this category, this bike reaches speeds of up to 14 mph. It weighs 65 lbs. and it can take a maximum weight of up to 140 lbs.

It has a chain driven motor and it allows up to 30 minutes of continuous use. Its other features include large pneumatic tires, adjustable handlebars and retractable kickstand.

Riding will not only be enjoyable experience but with its twist-grip acceleration control and hand-operated rear brake it is safe too.

With the safety features and affordable price of this bike, it truly feels that this electric ATV for kids is cool!

3. Razor Ground Force Drifter:

If drifting is your thing, then the Razor GO Kart is the product you should own. Its steel frame makes drifting around your neighbourhood a breeze.

It has been designed keeping younger kids in mind as it comes with a recommended age of 8 years and above. Its wheels are designed to help you slide effortlessly. The front tires are solid rubber tires and it has Super Slider POM rear wheels. It can reach speeds of up to 12 mph.

With a weight of 55 lbs. it can support a maximum weight of 140 lbs. It has been a product which people have loved to use since a long time.

You can also purchase this go-kart online and to check for the best prices you can check Razor GO Kart [low price] for great discounts.

Razor has given great importance to quality and it shows in the products they manufacture. Each of their products have great features and choosing the right product for yourself is a personal choice. We hope that at the great prices offered and with the help of this information you can choose the best for yourself.