Survivalist Knife – Size Is Not Everything

One might assume that bigger is better. That is really not so. A Survivalist knife is one of the best examples of this fact. The biggest knife might not always be the best. It is a misconception that the best and most expensive knife means the biggest in size. The smaller they are, the better they can be carried around. The best value for money – Pocket knife(s) come in all sizes and shapes. They are also foldable to ensure portability. Some believe that a four-inch blade is one of the most optimal sizes for a survivalist knife. They can be used for most purposes.

A machete is a broad bladed knife that is either used as an ax or a sword fit for combat. In countries famous for forests and agriculture such as India, these knives are used to cut crops such as sugarcane. The Indian machetes are iconic in nature. They are able to deliver tasks that involve crude cutting. They are also made for manufacturing other tools. It is a very sharp and versatile weapon whose needs can be modified depending on the situation. That is what makes these knives stand out.

The machete knife has survived the test of time. It has been used by the ethnic groups and the tribes in many nations such as West Africa. The knife is so special that even a blow by the weapon has a name. The word ‘planass’ is used to hit someone with the flat of the blade of a machete or cutlass.

When it comes to survival, the ultimate RAMBO machete for survivalist is one of the best options. It is a heavy duty knife that has the right weight needed. The handle is made up of real wood classic and is very comfortable to use and swing. It is named after the Hollywood hero Rambo and is considered to be a specialist knife and an absolute beast. Military services group use this knife for their missions. The knife in your hand makes you feel terribly macho – much like Rambo in the movie where the entire hero left was a path of destruction. The Vietnam War veteran brought back the use of such knives with a big bang.

The knives that Rambo used in the movies were specifically designed for him. They are believed to be the ultimate survival knives and can deal with anything. The specifically designed tools were believed to be able to saw through any object such as wood. The blade goes all the way up till the handle of the knife. The handle is also waterproof with a compass attached to the handle.

The crude blade in one of the movies is said to look like a curved machete. With a thick and a heavy blade, this tool is said to have a raw look. The Rambo knives have a variety of designs and sizes depending on the intent. Rambo preferred a survivalist knife to a fancy Swiss knife. That says a lot about the utility of the tool.